Why AGIT Monitise Indonesia


Mobile expertise


Partnering with AGIT Monitise ensures client’s have access to a highly-skilled team with decades of experience in banking, mobile telecoms, technology, security, operations and marketing.  Clients leverage our combined expertise to help them deliver their mobile strategy in a rapidly-changing Indonesian market.


Secure, flexible, scalable solutions


AGIT Monitise platform is a secure, flexible and scalable solution hosted in AGIT’s own Datacentres in Indonesia.  Monitise Plc has been providing world leading mobile money solutions since its formation in 2003. The existing product range will be tailored to reflect a client’s branding, available services, revenue models and segmentation approach.


Integration options


A number of integration options are available based on a client's strategy, budget and existing IT infrastructure. These include direct connection into core systems or web services, mobilising existing banking and payments platforms such as ATM networks or through third party value added partners.