October is here and so is autumn. Before prepping for Halloween, are there some other things you are forgetting you should prepare for? Fall seems good to enjoy in peace with the beautiful weather and autumn foliage, it is even better to take care of big home repairs and related stuff so that when winter sets in, all you will have to do is merrymaking and relax. Gather some courage and boost yourself to prepare yourself and your house for winters.

Shorter days and snow will make it tougher to accomplish these things, so it is better to plan ahead. People living alone or away from their families will also find this very useful. This is a great time to get to repairing and cleaning and eventually buying supplies that will be needed for winters.


1.      Bring in Your Outdoor Furniture

Bring your outdoor furniture in and before that make space for them. This requires proper planning and effort. The outdoor chairs or swings should be taken in so that the rain and snow and ice don’t ruin them for good. It is up to you to decide whether you want to make a space for them or pack them up until summers and spring.

2.      Check Walkways and Driveways For Cracks

When the landscapes are covered in ice and snow it is already very difficult to walk over them safely. Now when you have cracks and when the water gets into cracks freezes, it expands and can make an even bigger crack. Many small cracks can turn into big cracks, and eventually, the concrete can crumble. It also makes using snowblowers smooth and easy.

3.      For Leaves and Lawn

Leaves look beautiful when blanketing the ground but leaving too many leaves on a lawn over winter in a snowy area is not a good idea. Get a cordless leaf blower to help you with it. It helps even in other seasons. You can even find some of the best backpack leaf blowers on Amazon.

For gardens, once the growing season is done, it’s time to pull everything out. Decaying plants will harbor pests and diseases. Amend the soil and weed very thoroughly for this purpose.

4.      Winter Equipment

Check all the equipment you will need for winters and test them beforehand. Make sure the heaters and geysers work fine. If not, get them repaired or try getting a new one. Same with snow blowers. If buying new, consider two-stage snow blowers. We recommend. Also, consider checking and upgrading your energy appliances. Schedule a kitchen and chimney cleaning while not forgetting the vents. For some of the intense cleaning, you can hire a house help.


Happy Halloween!