Have you ever seen cartoon booths in theme parks, in Las Vegas, or malls? They look funny, don’t they? We’ve been humorous and curious about how the artist or caricaturist is capable of catching humor and happiness in objects or people that look quite average.

Drawing Caricature from the photo can be a fun and amusing way to tap into a certain kind of painting and cartoon drawing. Read on, if you can see the humor and imagination in everyday stuff because we will teach you how to exaggerate and distort an individual or picture to make a caricature in 8 easy steps.

Stage 1: Pick the subject you want

You can make a caricature of anyone: a friend, a family member, a celebrity, or even your pet.


Stage 2: Get your pencils and amenities for drawing

Make sure that everything is sharpened and that some erasers are on hand for you. The kinds of pencils you use will influence the line quality of your drawing. The consistency of the line in caricature drawings is very critical. In your image, make sure that your lines differ as much as possible.


Stage 3: Body

Exaggeration is intended to be a caricature. Begin by drawing out a small body. Draw an outfit on the body of what you imagine the person you draw will wear to do one of their favorite hobbies.


Stage 4: Head

This is where stuff will start to get weird. You’ll need to draw a large and oversized head for the head while making sure you exaggerate the person’s head shape.

Stage 5: Hair

Now, time to stick your subject’s head with some fur. If your person has curly hair, make sure that you draw their hair ten times more curly than it usually looks.


Stage 6: Your Eyes

Now put the spirit on the glass. You may also need to exaggerate some features of the person’s eyes. Use as vivid colors as you can draw their eyes, and accentuate the eye features of the individual.


Stage seven: The nose

As we described earlier, you’ll want to exaggerate the person’s nose regardless of the form in which they are. The shape is going to be very straightforward. Either the majority of people have a: tall, thin, straight, or lumpy nose. If the person has wide nostrils, do not be afraid to exaggerate them too.

Stage 8: Mouth

Note how far the mouth is from the nose of the person when beginning to draw the subject’s mouth. The mouth of your caricature should start with the lips of the person. The lips are meant to be plump, slim, or straight, and their shape will help you decide if you want to overdo them.


Wrapping Up:

If you just start drawing caricatures from photos, this style of quirky, twisted, and cartoon art can be difficult. The result, however, will be humorous and amusing for the subject, as well as for everyone else who is taking a look.