While communicating with someone, we can easily express our feeling via our facial expressions. But how to express your feeling online? You do not have this question’s answer, but using some emojis or smileys one can share their emotions with others online. One can use emojis using emoji panel from our PC or via using your keyboard’s characters.

Emojis helps to convey your message more efficiently than words. That’s why all of us use this emojis in our daily messages or chatting. There are many kinds of emoticons icons available online, you can use it as per your needs. Suppose if you want to show your anger or sadness to all without showing your facial expression then you can use angry emojis in your message. If you do not know how to make or use these emoticons faces in your message below we give the complete details about it.

How to Make an Angry Face

Make an Angry Face Online and Via your Keyboard

To make an angry face emojis or any other emojis like sad faces, happy faces, confused face below we describe two methods for that. So, let’s have a look.

Add Angry Emoticons in your message Online

Add emojis to your Facebook chat

To add emojis to your Facebook chat is a very easy process. For that, you have to type >:(. You can also add sticker packs to your Facebook chat by which you can add an angry face.

Insert emojis in Skype

To add emojis on Skype, click on a smiley face icon and select an angry option from this. You can also type (angry) into the text field.

Add an angry emoji on an Android device

I think we all use emojis on our android device while chatting with our friends. But for that you to activate the emojis keyboard from setting. After enabling this, simply select an angry face emoji in your message. You can also type >:( for this emoji.

Insert an angry emojis via your Keyboard

One can create angry emojis in three ways.

Insert angry faces horizontally

These types of emojis are well known as Western and generally used in text messages and chats. Below we give very famous angry faces of the western style.




X (


Insert Angry Faces Vertically

This type of emojis known as Eastern and famous in Korea and Japan. You can make so many variations of angry faces using special characters. Many of these faces are well known as Kirby because it is the same as a Nintendo character.



> _<*


Or (><) or

Insert angry faces using flipping a table

To add angry faces, you can use flips table and prove you are angry.

ノ ° □ °) ノ (┻━┻

(ノ ಥ 益 ಥ) ノ ┻━┻

I hope you will come to know about how to generate form here an Angry Faces online and via your keyboard’s characters. If you will understand it then start using this emojis in your communication.

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