In the last article, we mentioned charming outfits and tops for mother-daughter duo and how it increases the bond between them. Today we will talk only about kids. It includes famous cosplay ideas from the shows like Dragon ball z and one piece. Why are they famous and kids love it?

I am pretty sure most of you don’t know what the term “cosplay” means and that is okay. But if you are a parent whose kids love watching anime or movies or tv series or read books, they may like to dress up as their favorite character sometimes. Let’s face it! Your kid has probably asked you to dress them up as an iron man or Elsa at some point.

“Cosplay,” refers to the act of dressing up and acting like a popular figure. A cosplayer can pick a character from any of your favorite movies, anime, superheroes, or comic books. But in this article, we are going to specifically discuss anime cosplay costume ideas for kids.

Anime (animated series) is made in Japan and translated into dozens of languages as they have a large global audience. Usually, in the US, monthly anime cosplay meets are organized for otakus (anime, manga & video game lovers) where they dress up as their favorite characters. And it is time for your kid to attend an anime cosplay meet. Trust me! It’s probably what they are wishing for this Christmas!

You may not be an otaku, but you can make your kid’s first anime cosplay meetup a fun experience with some of our cosplay costume ideas.


Dragon Ball Z – Goku Cosplay

Do your kids watch dragon ball Z? Before you get a cosplay costume, make sure to ask your kid about their preference. If they like watching dragon ball Z, their favorite character is most likely Goku. Order trendy Goku costumes for kids with full set and make their first cosplay meet fun. If feasible, get a Goku wig for your kid as well. If your kid’s hair color is naturally blonde then you can directly style their hair like Goku’s using hair gel.

Naruto – Uzumaki Naruto

Another top anime, Naruto is loved worldwide and for all the right reasons. Some of us learned important life lessons watching Uzumaki Naruto grow from a poor orphan with not many skills into a leader. Naruto costume is easy to get and the make is even easier than that of Goku. All you need is a blonde wig and a temporary black marker to make fox whiskers on your kid’s cheeks.

One Piece – Monkey D. Luffy

Along with Dragon Ball Z and Naruto, One Piece is considered to be a legend globally. This is an anime costume that doesn’t even require you to order it online. You can DIY a Luffy costume easily as long as you have a red top/shirt, worn-out rolled-up jeans, and a yellow scarf to tie around the waist. The most important element of the Luffy costume is a straw hat which is easily available online or at your local market.

Haikyuu – Any Character

Compared to the previous ones, Haikyuu is a new anime and if your kids have suddenly started liking volleyball then this anime is probably the reason why. Haikyuu costumes are easily available at a local costume or cosplay store. If not, you can order them online. The costume is simply the volleyball sports uniform consisting of a sports t-shirt and shorts.