Uses Of Lumigan Drops For Eyes

Many times your mind is in a state of utter doubt, where you are unsure why the pressure is continually wiping off your eye. It becomes a problem because eyes are the true treasure of a man and one is very sensitive to them. Lumigan drops for eyes help you lower the pressure of the body by increasing the volume of fluid flowing out. It serves as a curative measure for treating glaucoma within the eyes and other causes of intense pressure.

Lumigan drops (0.01 percent) is a prostaglandin analog sold at best prices by Livayush, used to treat high fluid pressure within the eyes (intraocular hypertension) caused by glaucoma or any other eye diseases.

How Do You Use Lumigan Eye Drops?

Before you start its application, make sure you read the directives listed on the product. The dosage of 0.01 percent Lumigan is recommended.

Lying on your bed or sofa is the best way to apply those drops. Now, open your eyes wide and tip your head back. Look straight upwards and pull the lower eyelid down to make a pocket. Slowly drop the droplets. Look down, and close your eyes gently, avoid squeezing them. Place one finger parallel to your nose at the extreme corner of your eye and start applying a mild pressure so that the product does not drain.

Hygiene is the first, and the only, move. Firstly wash your face. Refrain from touching the tip of the dropper, or let your eye touch. Lumigan eye drops contain a concoct which can impact your contact lenses. So remove them before using this product.

Stop blinking and eye rubbing. After 15 minutes, you can put on your lenses.

Precautionary Measures While Using Lumigan Drops

If you are allergic to some medicine for the eyes, first consult your doctor. Make sure you remove your contact lenses whilst applying Lumigan drops. If, by chance, the drops drain out and roll down to your cheeks, make sure that you wipe them off and do not let them enter your mouth. If you are pregnant or on breastfeeding, avoid using it. For patients below the age of 16, this medication is not preferable.

Side Effects Of Lumigan Drops

You may experience burning, irritation, redness near the eyelids, feeling like something is running in your eyes, dry or watery eyes, increased sensitivity to light, and changes in vision using Lumigan drops. You may also encounter brown iris discoloration. An increase in the number, strength, length, and thickness of the eye lens can occur but it is very rare. So, if you experience any of those, consult with your ENT surgeon.