Suppose that you are looking to study abroad. What would you do if you found a destination that provides you amazing education and scholarships for your program? Of course, you would accept that, right? Turkey has decided to provide scholarships to eligible international students who apply for bachelor, masters or Ph.D.

You might think why is Turkey giving scholarships when its cost of the study is already less even for international students? The answer to that is that Turkey wants to improve connections and relations with other countries. At last, what are the benefits that scholarships for Turkey provide? Well, there are a lot of benefits that Turkey provides, read the article and know it yourself.

Benefits Of Turkey Scholarships For International Students

Unlike most of the scholarships, turkey provides a whole range of benefits to its students. Some of the best are listed below:

Free Accommodation

When a student goes to a different country, the topmost problem for them is to find accommodation. Suppose, that you even get the accommodation, students would have to pay the monthly rent that would be a way to much then they earn by doing a part-time job with studies. The turkey scholarships include free accommodation, I mean, what else do you need, right? All the students are provided accommodation in the university dormitories.

No Tuition Fees

Turkey is considered to be one of the least expensive countries in the world, but with the scholarship of turkey, even this expense is reduced. Students are expected to just study at their full potential with no stress of paying the bank the loan money in return. The education is completely free and it’s a big deal, you know right? It’s literary getting a degree without even paying for it.

Health Insurance

Always question is that “Why health insurance is important?“, Moving to a different country can be difficult and it worsens with climate change. You might get a cold or a fever and an emergency appointment can be expensive. Well, you don’t have to worry if you are a scholarship student as you get your health insurance that covers all your medical expenses, and by all, it does mean all of it, you don’t have to pay a single penny.

Travel Expenses

Scholarships of turkey even cover your travel expenses. Now, don’t get confused and think that it will cover the expense for you the chill around the turkey and visit all the places free of cost. What turkey scholarship includes is that it provides you 2 tickets; one will be for your arrival in Turkey and the other is for your departure after you complete your studies.

Isn’t having a turkey scholarship valuable? But do you know if you are eligible for it? If you want a turkey scholarship, you should be fluent in the Turkish language. Don’t worry; a 6 month or a year course will sharpen your Turkish skills that’s why all students want to study in Turkey, so you can get scholarship from turkeyscholarships website.