What Is Retinol?

They synthetic derivation of Vitamin A is called Retinol. This fat-soluble vitamin is found in carrot, egg and sweet potato.

What Is The Role Of Retinol?

The main role of retinol, when applied to the skin, is that it alters the action of damaged or aged cells and makes skin look young and clear. It smoothens out the skin texture, refines skin, enhances skin radiance and treats aging.

Retinol is a product that should only be used at night because in the day-time it works quite the opposite. If retinol is applied while going outside in the sun, it can severe sunburn effect.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Retinol On The Skin?

Prevents Wrinkles

Prevents wrinkles due to its minimizing effects and also smoothens out the existing wrinkles, fine lines and age marks. Nowadays due to UV radiation emitted by the sun, our skin tends to become wrinkly and scarred in the early ’40s. If you start applying retinol-based products around your 30’s, the effect of sun harming our skin can be reduced.

Brightens Dull Skin

If you stop taking care of yourself, your skin will gradually show the effects. You can go through problems like dull skin even in teen years. Retinol helps treat that dull skin at the cellular level and regenerates brighter and smoother new skin.

Cures Pimples Without Leaving Marks

Retinol based products like adapalene gel help cure pimples without leaving acne marks. It even clears up the acne marks from before giving you a perfectly smooth skin.

Furthermore, it reduces the number of blackheads and regenerates the skin faster. Even when you have dark spots or other skin marks, a retinol-based product will help you get rid of those too.

Regulates Oily Skin

You might know how difficult it is to regulate oily skin, especially during the summer season. By applying a retinol formula at bed-time, will help you regulate oily skin the next day.

Never apply retinol when you are out in the sun, it will worsen the sunburn. Retinol is never added to sunscreen products because of that.

Reduces Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation can be genetic or due to UV radiation. Retinol helps reduce hyperpigmentation. It also fades away dark spots, blackheads, sunspots and other skin flaws.

When To Avoid Retinol?

  • Avoid retinol and its products while going out in the sun. It will worsen the effects of sunburn.
  • Avoid retinol products if you are suffering from eczema.
  • Don’t use it if you get redness or skin rashes.
  • Do not apply retinol when you have a sunburn.

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