Monitise – a global leader in Mobile Money solutions

Monitise plc (LSE: MONI.L) is a world leader in Mobile Money – banking, paying and buying with a mobile device. Leading banks, payments companies, retailers, mobile networks and media owners use Monitise’s technology platforms and services to securely connect people with their money in developed and emerging markets.

Monitise was founded in 2003 when CEO Alastair Lukies saw the potential of using the mobile phone for more than simply a text or call. He wanted to link banks and mobile operators, thereby empowering consumers to manage their finances or make payments directly from their mobile, anytime, anywhere.

From an innovative idea, Monitise has built the world’s first mobile banking, payments and commerce ecosystem. We work with hundreds of banks, payments companies, retailers and mobile networks to help them provide engaging and indispensable mobile services for their customers. The collaborations include MasterCard, IBM, Telefónica, Santander, RBS, Virgin Money, Visa, FIS and many others.

33 million consumers have registered for Monitise’s patented technology to ‘bank anywhere’, ‘pay anyone’ and ‘buy anything’, accounting for 5.1bn mobile transactions annually and $101bn of payments, purchases and transfers a year. Monitise-designed high-engagement apps across multiple industry verticals and email subscribers to the Monitise Content consumer business total more than 49 million.

With operations in the UK, the Americas, Turkey, India, Hong Kong and Indonesia, we are enabling trusted and secure mobile banking, payment and commerce solutions for clients and consumers everywhere.