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In a previous post we discussed how absolutely charming outfits for mother & daughter, well today we will discuss most mandatory accessories for football players like Shin Guards, football shoes, Goalkeeper gloves.

Football is one of the most widespread sports worldwide, as people from every nook and corner of the world are inclined towards this sport.

Accessories for Football Players

Many eminent players have acquired enormous names and fame by showing their talent in this sport to the world. Moreover, they are living a luxurious lifestyle by earning exorbitant money through this sport. Due to this, folks, especially youngsters, are playing this sport daily.

However, this sport is also considered a risky sport. Because many players suffer from injuries while playing, it has become vital to follow certain precautions, maintain rules, and adopt necessary accessories. Here, some essential accessories are described.

1.    Shin Guards:

The major purpose of these products is to protect the soft tissues and bones of the lower extremities from external shocks. Shin guards suppose to absorb the sudden shock and control the risk of severe injuries.

Shin Guards

Different brands manufacture various shin guards using different materials such as Polypropylene shin guards and carbon fiber shin guards.

In football, two types of shin guards are being used:

  • Slip-in shin guards
  • Ankle shin guards

Different kind of protection is needed for the player of different position. As we know, defenders required more protection than others; thus, they have to wear heavy shin guards, which have special ankle protection.

2.   Football boots:

In football, shoes play the most significant role in the safety of players’ feet. Football shoes have a long history of evolution as earlier many organizations had criticized the material and making process of shoes.

football boots

However, considering the quintessence of the shoes, it is vital to purchase shoes of premium quality rather than buying a cheap quality product and put our life at risk. For this, one can try Nike mercurial superfly 7 shoes, which can be effortlessly purchased from Prosoccer Store and enjoy extra benefits on the purchase of branded things.

The majority of today’s players wear specialized football boots composed of leather or synthetic material. Modern boots feature studs on the soles and are cut somewhat below the ankles, as opposed to the high-ankled boots of the past. Studs can be permanently attached to the sole or removable, usually via a screw thread.


3.   Goalkeeper gloves:

In 1996, the first goalkeeper glove with a finger guard was introduced, and since then, every glove with finger protection has been called FINGER SAVE. However, now, all goalkeeper glove companies offer models with finger protection, each with its name.

Injuries to the hands of keepers, especially when fighting for the ball, are a constant concern. Finger protection technology offers unparalleled changeable effective protection for fingertips and lowering the chance of injury.

The upper part of the fingers includes strong yet elastic ribs that provide optimal protection for the finger in the face throughout the game while maintaining punching and ball casting flexibility.

Hence these three are the essential things, which every player must adopt to avoid any hazardous impact on their play. Though sometimes it seems expensive to afford, nothing is costly against our fitness and body, thus Play safe!